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How Is Smartpages Essence to You?

Brings out the best of publications

With smart pages, you can add life to all your publication work by incorporating audio and movies, among other things.

Unlimited access to your audience from anywhere

Regardless of your location, you can always reach your audience with Smartpages and on any device the audience may be using

Helps you understand the behavior of your readers

With Smartpages, you can easily understand which content is working for your audience as well as the content which is not working.

Allows you to automate the production work

With Smartpages, you can place your PDF files into the hot folder and automate the publication process. This will in turn minimize work for you.

Ability to regulate access to your content

Smartpages allows you to create a username and password within a short period, hence allowing you to decide who can view your content.

Have a look at some of our best online samples

To get a concrete idea on what Smartpages can do for you, browse through the provided list of publications from our clients. The samples are vivid elaborations of how various businesses across the globe are using the Smartpages engaging elements to keep their audience engaged. You can view the samples using an array of devices.

SmartPages Flipbooks

Smartpages flipbooks will allow you to convert your current PDF documents into digital editions, which may be viewed using an array of devices, including tablets, desktops, iPhones, iPads and tablets, among other mobile devices. Using the Smartpages flipbooks, you can easily and quickly flipbook all your catalogs, brochures, e-Books and magazines and incorporate various features, including call to actions and animations, to captivate your audience.


    Using Smartpages, you can now create digital flipbooks in either Flash or HTML5. This makes them viewable on any device.


    Smartpages flipbooks allow you to fully customize your content, with your preferred background, colors and sounds.


    Flipbooks give you the ability to detect email and web links from your original PDF files.


    Smartpages allows for user login; hence allow you to access your digital publications using a username and password.


    Because of the built in FTP feature, you only have to click on Build and the program will upload to the web location you specified.


    With Smartpages flipbooks, you can as well create USB and DVD digital edition for presentation at trade shows.

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